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good game! Looking forward to the third episode!

I have some problem with the text, that cause me some sentences I can't understand

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Install the pixel font! and it should fit the text box. just double click on silver.ttf and install.

Is there a guide for this game??


No. I mean the game is pretty straightforward. The episode 2 end after the park event and both geeks returning home.

Good day!, i am super looking forward to get this Episode $$$ (But the "you must provide personal information/location" scares me a bit.. checkout via Paypal btw.)

For the Episode 1 i did donate, and i do plan on keep doing it. 

 3Euros is nothing for these wonderful series. Just, i would like any insight about this ..hem.. intrusive/scary requirement here on Itchio. Anyone could answer, really.

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it is just for european law on the billing, everything is confidential, don't worry!

Also I played your game! It was actually pretty good ;). Do you have a twitter?

Ow.. do you mean..  the game here on Itchio?.... if so.. let me warn you, that is SFW family friendly stuff.

I do pretty NSFW stuff on Twitter.. Modding most likely. here is the link.

Knowing its confidential, i´ll just fill the details later on. Can´t wait to see Captain Valor´s punishing fate!


Got stuck on the part where you're supposed to find the man jogging near the abandoned car. Talked to everybody and there's no way to reach any new areas as far as I know.

Sorry there is a bug you can get in this area that can softlocked you... 
After the first NPC, you need to Talk to the second NPC near the fountain right after. If you talk to another NPC It can softlock you and you'll have to use a save before the park. It will be fixed for V3.


Originally, after playing the V1 version, although the captain was really horny and hot, to me it was just like watching a hypnotizing or brainwashing pornographic video. But after playing the V2 version, with the development of the plot, the word brainwashing does not seem to be so simple and rude. Now I'm starting to like this game, and I'm looking forward to the development of the follow-up plot.


Thank you! Knowing that you can change people's minds from one episode to another really is encouraging us to do better!



Will you ever make an android or mac version?

I need a mac or a android to do the export and I don't have both, so no sorry:/

Hello, the key making menu shows that there are five keys in total, but only four keys can be crafted, and they are level 1, 2, 3, and runner keys. So the progress display is 80%, please ask how to do the remaining key. And If losing in battle, Will there be an other ending?

No There is only one bad ending in the game which is runner key lvl 3. The normal ending of the game is the bench scene.
There are no other keys :).


这一集在公园结束! 你仍然可以制作2级钥匙和3级钥匙,以进入该公园。